One Thirty on the Sixth

Your breath was so warm as you pretended to kiss my lips; you kissed my cheek instead creating a smile on my face. The closer you held me, the more I couldn’t breathe. I felt so shocked from feeling like this. I waited since we were kids to reach for this moment. For you to hold me so close to you and feel the warm air against my skin. My body shivers from excitement as you touch my face with your lips. I tickle your tummy just to see you smile but, it  killed me when the smile faded just like our star on top of the tree. Your eyes looked so sad. I wish I would have known what was wrong before you left me. Your words burned against my chest when you apologized that you couldn’t do this. I waited all day to see you before I left.. then the day faded and all I received was an apology.


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