Filth Reality

Brush each string.

Hold the note as long as you can.

Listen to the sounds that you have never heard.

Rhyme every other word she spoke and throw it in her face.

In a song she sang,

We are just good friends, it’s different.

You just don’t seem to understand.

I will  always love you, just let go and hold the other hand.

Maybe there is no way to rhyme things.

Some words aren’t meant to sound good together.

Does it make sense anymore?

It’s not the same with me, I promise.

I will give the stars and more.

Let me play this song for you.

Maybe then you will understand.

Please, Stop!

You’re getting out of line.

Nothing lasts forever.

So, why even try?

We won’t be able to make it.

Not while we remain a secret…


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