Dream: Bright White Room, Mans Voice

When I was younger, maybe around 15 years old, I had a dream where I walked into a bright white room, it was so bright I could barely open my eyes and I’m not sure how big of a room it was because it seemed like it extended for miles. There was nothing around; just whiteness. I was alone and my heart was pounding, I felt lost and was blindly walking in whiteness  when I heard a deep voice coming from no where in particular. I felt like the voice was talking to me and only me and no one else could hear him because his voice wasn’t coming from anywhere, just my ears. He, whoever he was, was talking to me for a while but the only thing I remember him saying was, “The Inside kids are all the same, the outside kids are different…individuals.” I tried to ask what it meant, I wanted to understand what was going on but even though I rushed to gather some answers, it was too late to ask questions, I woke up catching my breath, I was covered in sweat from head to toe and my heart was pounding fast and hard.  

A couple years passed, I was then approximately 18 or 19 years old, I was working at a nursing home about 10 minutes from my parents house where I was staying at the time. That day, for some reason, I was forced to take my fathers old green truck to work, I wasn’t happy about it but I had no other way to get there. When my shift was over, naturally, I went to the truck and attempted to turn it on; it wouldn’t start. I tried to start it several times and nothing. So, I called my father and told him about the situation and he said sometimes there is a trick to turning on the truck and he gave me specific and well detailed instruction on how to do it. I followed every step as he instructed and it still didn’t work, so I tried again and again and finally I called him back and told him the truck still didn’t turn on. He sighed and told me he was on his way with some jumper cables. As I was sitting impatiently inside my fathers truck,  I heard sirens from a distance getting closer to my location, an ambulance rushed past the nursing home and chills filled my body. As I always do, closed my eyes and silently prayed for whoever they were going to help. When I was finished, I opened my eyes and started to stare out the window towards some bushes that were outlining the parking lot. As I was staring, my mind went blank, it was almost as if I went blind yet was able to still have vision. Suddenly, that  voice came back (the voice from my dream) he told me, “If it wasn’t him, it was you.” After that, everything went back to normal and I was confused and was wondering what that was about. A few minutes later my mother called and told me my father had been in a car accident and was rushed to the hospital. Filled with fear and guilt, I tried to turn the truck on once more and It worked, the truck turned on and I was able to quickly get to the hospital. My dad was alright, he just got a little beat up from the speeding truck hitting him. When I was talking to him at the ER, he said that he had made a stop at my brothers house to see if my nephew wanted to go with him just give him some company but he said that although all of the vehicles were in the parking lot, no one answered the door so he decided to leave without him. My brother stated that no one  in the house ever heard anyone at the door. The thing is, had my nephew gone with my father to help me out, the truck would have smashed right into where my nephew would have been sitting but, I had to take the old truck to work that day, the truck wouldn’t start, my brother didn’t answer the door, my nephew didn’t go with my dad to pick me up, the speeding driver hit my dad, my dad thankfully wasn’t seriously injured, the truck turned on AFTER I received the phone call from my mother. Had not all those events happen, would It have really been me instead of  him?


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