My Love will Never Die

I do not float when I see your face on picture cards or if someone says your name.
My stomach doesnt turn each time you tell me how much you love your new girlfriend.
My heart no longer accelerates when I see you face to face.
I wish these things were true.
I come to realize no one can take your place although a replacement is necessary for me to move on.
The realization of your absence increases after each good bye to someone else.
Each lips I’ve kissed, each embrace I’ve received are not enough as when you kissed and held me.
I have not fallen out of love with you; it still excites me to hear your voice.
I still want to be there for you and help you when you’re down.
I still feel like I fall back in love everytime I see you smile.
I want to be your best friend…
eventhough it hurts..
its better than losing you completely…


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