Fill in the Blank

During my deviance class the professor asked us to do an assignment.

She wrote on the board: “I am____.”

She then told us to fill in the blank 5 times. I stared at the blank page for several minutes before I could come up with anything to write. The reason for the assignment was to prove to us that we don’t know about ourselves without interacting with other human beings. That is because “All behavior, deviance included, is an interactional product; its properties and impact cannot be known until we understand how it is defined, conceptualized, interpreted, apprehended, and evaluated…” (Goode 2011) Which pretty much means that you know who you are but, you will be evaluated and the definitions of who you are will be given to you by others through interaction. It makes sense. There isn’t a word or phrase you can place in the blank after “I am” without having or have had some kind (any kind) of interaction with someone. For example, you said, “I am Hispanic,” you don’t necessarily have to tell someone that you are Hispanic, they could see it, which seeing is an interaction. Well, I hope you understood the assignment because that is not why I decided to write this blog. The reason I wrote this is because it is bothering me so much that it took me so long to write 5 simple words/phrases in that blank. Is it because I truly don’t know who I am? was i having writers block? do i not interact enough? did i just take this assignment as a shock? I don’t know. So, I decided to sit here and fill out the blank as many times as possible but, to save my poor little fingers from writing “I am” so many times, I will simply separate each thought with a comma.

My original list: “I am___”      a daughter, sister, aunt, friend, photographer

I am________

a human being, making the best of this human experience, a woman, Hispanic, daughter, sister of two brothers, aunt of two nephews, cousin of many, niece of seventeen times two, friend of a few, photographer, writer, painter, a fan of music, a movie watcher, a lover, a liar, faithful, cheater, giving,confused, selfish, thoughtful, responsible, forgetful, a lover of animals, the coolest person in the world, a gamer, a collector of Buddhas, happy, calm, quiet, curious, indecisive, caring, observant, spiritual, messy, clean, organized, passionate, a person who feels bad to say ‘no,’ compassionate, accepting, exploring, hopeful, a dreamer, a christian with Buddhist beliefs, a believer of life beyond earth, a mother of two cats, lost, nearly blind, overweight, insecure, patient, healthy, loved, doubtful, a student, average, lover of red roses, heartbroken, alone, searching for true love.

These are everything that I could think of from the top of my head at the moment. I’m sure I will think of some more later. Notice that each one of these requires some kind of interaction.

Would you like to fill in the blank?     “I am_____”

References:    Goode, Erich. Deviant Behavior. New Jersey.Pearson. 2011


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