Princess Amnesia

She wears her colors to ignore her but, all it’s causing is her death.

She tried her best to avoid it and over all, it was a mess.

She slept in tears and whispered prayers while her night gown slowly changed to red.

Candles burn this night around while the winds of the storm grew stronger.

The branches hit so violently making a crack in her bedroom window.

Afraid, she hides in her closet closing the door behind her, she settles in.

No one can find her here, in her dungeon of wonders.

so, she sits and weaps.

unfortunatly, she is only human.

She changes her colors for others daily and at night when all is sleeping,

she stays awake and remembers what is worth her smile.

She tried her best to make things work and over all, it was a disaster.

The storm has cleared and she begins to awake from her terrible nightmare.

She opens the closet door and, all has disappeared.

Alone, she wonders what she has done to deserve what was brought upon her.

She sits and waits for the color of her night gown to fade.

Her tears whisper memories into her voice.

She was never who she wanted to be,

she was afraid to disappoint her.

So she lays in a puddle,

created by her night gown,

with her arm wrapped around a bible.

She changes her colors to ignore herself,

all it did was cause her death…

she tried her best to avoid it unfortunatly,

it was too late.


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