If your love for that person was the only thing keeping you together and it just stops working, It’s time to leave. Leave before its too late and the pain starts to create hate. You should NEVER hate a person you once loved. It should be illegal because it can be prevented.

Its easier said than done but if you truly love someone and you know for a fact (not deep inside your heart but deep inside your mind) that your relationship is not going to work, leave at once. If you give it second chances, that’s all that your going to end up with and nothing is really going to change..you will amount to nothing. Nothing will get fixed until you fix it. That’s the way to do it. But never try to fix things that are not broken or that are simply ‘nothing.’

Unless of course, if it was true love…then, nothing should go wrong and the world disappears and it’s just you and that person. That person then becomes your reality and will eventually become your everything. Of course, that’s not healthy. There is not one thing that truly last forever unless, you are immortal or its unbreakable. So when you make someone your everything and you lose them, you are left with nothing and that’s not good at all. Being left with nothing means loneliness, sorrow…it creates bitterness and you become unliked.


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