Your Lie is My Feeling

I’ll complicate you with promises I can not keep. I’ll make you suffer from lies that have yet to be told. Seeking through your burden, how was your day? Swimming through the sins of those you hate. Beg me with things you want more than yourself. I’ll shove that sin into my DNA. I’ll mutate myself just to create a devious smile. Palpate this flesh that will soon rot in your hands and tell me, what is wrong?

Hide inside yourself while i count to one-hundred…Ready or not..wait, that wasn’t sufficient. Sacrifice yourself to make your sinners happy. I’ll have them wear the weapon around their necks.

Shelk, help your brother with his fears and tell your sister to quit whining sell her to make us a profit. Then complicate me with your feelings and promises.

written: Mar 14 2007


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