Advice From the Girl

She tried to poison me with a heart full of kindness.

Told me life was something too beautiful to just throw away.

I tried to take her advice,

it was too hard to handle.

So, I took the easy way out  instead.

I placed the razor upon my wrist,

I tried so hard but couldn’t breathe.

She ran to me and held me close,

told me hurting myself wouldn’t solve a thing.

She cried by my side as I tried to change my ways.

But, took me to a preacher instead.

He held his hand up high as the other was upon my head,

and begged the Lord to forgive me.

He tried to poison me with his sweet words

It didn’t work instead.

Emotionless, I was already dead.




written: February 14, 2005

edited: February 17, 2012


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