This Pretty Mask is Hard to Break

I lied, I still love you.

I said I didn’t just to satisfy another.

…but the other disappeared, just like you did.

I realized that like you, the other will not love me forever.

Your shoulder was nowhere to be found when I needed it the most.

So I had to let go…

and it’s the second hardest thing I’ve ever had to do.

I broke another promise, I didn’t hang on like I said I would.

Will you forgive me for this mistake that I keep repeating?

You’re still on my mind when I’m in trouble.

when I need advice…

even when I just sit alone in the dark…

…but there is no way for me to call you.

you are still my best friend…

even if you hate me.

I would give anything just to hear your voice again.

..or to hold your hand one last time.

…or for another secret kiss.

It still hurts to think that I didn’t try hard enough.

I miss you.

and…I hope to run into you again…


Just to see you for a brief second.

..a second is all I need to not feel alone.


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