Laying by the river, alone in the dark.

The fish were splashing in clear water.

Up on the sky, I saw her beautiful face.

Once again, printed on the white moon.
The wind whispered words into my ear;

they made me wonder,

they made me think.
“She fell from the sky and vanished in your arms,

you will never find her,

not your true love,

give up,

my love…

give up”

A cold tear ran down my face,

as my night drifted

alone next to the river,

the river where i lost my life…
“There is no hope for you,

my helpless creature,

alone you will be forever”
Looking down,

i saw the hand of my love,

the one i thought i had lost for good.

She reaches up for help

inside the rivers water..

the ring i had given her,

remained wrapped around her pale finger.
The wind whispered to me once again,
“Do not help her,

my child,

you will listen…

leave her at once,

walk away slowly,

you will see,

nothing is really there”
I watched as she sinks in the river’s cold water,

something was holding me back.

I covered my ears to prevent me

from hearing her splash and yell…

I cried as I watched my love,

die once again.


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